Philips Essential Airfryer customer reviews

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Customer reviews are a valuable source of information for consumers looking for quality products. Philips is no exception with its Essential Airfryer 4.1 L range, where customer reviews are unanimous about its outstanding performance and innovative features. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the customer reviews for this product to provide you with a complete overview of what makes this device so good and successful.
Philips Essential Airfryer customer reviews

Positive customer reviews for Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L

Fast, easy to use, convenient, economical

The Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is a popular product with customers for its simplicity and ability to cook healthy food without the need to use oil. It is quick and easy to use and is very convenient for those looking to reduce their oil consumption. In addition, it provides healthier and more economical cooking than other cooking methods.

Many customers have said that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is very fast and easy to use. Food cooked with this appliance can be ready in just a few minutes. Intuitive controls make it intuitive to operate and food can be cooked evenly and without having to constantly monitor the cooking process. Customers noted that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L doesn’t require a lot of prep time for most recipes, so it’s very convenient for people looking for a quick and easy way to cook healthy food.

Customers also noted that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is very economical to use. Oil consumption is minimal, which allows customers to save significantly on their oil bills. It is also very efficient in terms of energy usage, which helps reduce the household electricity bill. Finally, the product comes with additional accessories that allow for the preparation of a variety of dishes without the need to purchase additional utensils, which also helps to save money on the purchase of this appliance.

Customers who purchased the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L said that they were very satisfied with the product and were excited to be able to prepare healthy meals without having to buy a lot of oil or additional utensils. They found the unit to work well, be easy to clean, and provide a pleasant cooking experience. Positive reviews are plentiful and it seems that customers are happy with the performance and affordability of the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L

Negative customer reviews on Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L

The Philips Essential Airfryer 1 L is a cooking appliance that offers a variety of cooking methods and allows consumers to achieve their food preparation goals. However, there are some negative reviews of this appliance. Some customers reported that the Airfryer did not work properly or that it deteriorated quickly after a short period of use.

Another issue raised by consumers is defective parts. Some customers report receiving parts that did not work properly and needed to be replaced. This can be particularly frustrating, as they have to return the unit for repair and wait for it to be returned.

In addition, some users complain that the cooking time is too long. Most recipes take about 10 minutes to be ready, but some users report that the Airfryer sometimes takes up to 20 minutes to cook food. This can be very irritating and can make meal preparation longer and more difficult than it should be.

Some customers also report that the capacity of the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is too small for their needs. They say they often have to fill it half to three-quarters full to cook all the food they need. This means that meals take much longer to prepare and can cause unwanted delays.

Finally, there have been complaints about the lack of variety of foods that can be cooked with the Airfryer 1L. Some consumers say that the unit cannot handle some of the more complex recipes, so they have to spend a lot of time finding recipes that are adaptable to its limited capabilities. In addition, some say they don’t have enough recipes to choose from to satisfy their specific tastes and nutritional needs.

In conclusion, the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L has garnered many negative reviews from users due to defective parts, too long cooking time, small capacity, and lack of variety in the recipes possible with this product. Therefore, it is important for consumers to read these reviews to make sure that the Airfryer will meet their cooking expectations and that they will get what they need with this product before deciding whether it is the right purchase for them or not.

What customers like about Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L

Customer reviews are extremely important to potential buyers when making purchasing decisions. That’s why consumers tend to read reviews carefully and rely on the opinions of others when researching products. Philips Essential Airfryer 1 L is particularly valued for its qualities and features, which is also reflected in customer reviews.

Customers agree that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is an excellent product. Consumers note its compact size and its ability to quickly and evenly cook all types of food, including French fries, fish, vegetables and meat. In addition, many users like the fact that it is easy to clean and takes up little space.

Reviews also note that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 L is very convenient to use. Thanks to its intuitive digital control panel, its cooking time can be easily adjusted depending on the type of food being cooked. In addition, many users appreciate its built-in timer that allows them to control the duration of different cooking sessions.

Consumers also report that the Philips Essential Airfryer 4.1 is very quiet during operation, which is a real plus for those looking for a convenient yet discreet cooking solution. In addition, many customers find its Rapid Air Plus technology very useful, which ensures fast and even cooking without adding extra oil and without creating smoke or unpleasant odors.

Finally, it seems that the Philips Essential Airfryer offers excellent value for money. Consumers find that it is priced affordably compared to other options on the market and that the quality of the product justifies its reasonable price. Customer reviews clearly show that they are satisfied with the product’s value for money and often recommend it to their friends and family.

In summary, it is clear that customer reviews of the Philips Essential Airfryer are very positive and complimentary. The product’s compact size, its ability to evenly cook all types of food, its intuitive digital control panel, its built-in timer, its Rapid Air Plus technology as well as its affordable quality-price make the Philips Essential Airfryer 1L a very popular product among consumers.

What customers don’t like about Philips Essential Airfryer

Customers who have purchased the Philips Essential Airfryer, find the product very satisfying in general. They appreciate the power and speed of heating as well as the intuitive design of the product and its ease of use. However, some consumers were not entirely satisfied with the product. The main criticisms are the limited space and size of the basket, as well as the longer than expected cooking time.

The Philips Essential Airfryer hot air basket is much smaller than other models available on the market. The maximum capacity is about 4 liters, which may not be enough for some customers looking to prepare meals for several people. In addition, the basket is small even for a single guest and cannot hold much food at a time. This severely limits culinary possibilities and prevents clients from preparing a variety of foods or more complex dishes.

Many customers are also disappointed by the longer cooking time than they expected. Some reviews suggest that food can take up to an hour to cook, which is considerably longer than the times stated by the manufacturer or the instructions provided with the product. In addition, some customers have reported problems with inadequate heating with the product; they found that some foods were still raw inside, despite the proper cooking time. Finally, some users complain about the very loud noise that comes from the product during operation, which can be annoying to some.

Although satisfactory in general, the Philips Essential Airfryer is far from perfect and not suitable for all types of consumers. The most common criteria mentioned by dissatisfied customers are the small basket size, longer than advertised cooking time and inadequate heating. Some consumers also have concerns about the extremely loud noise the product makes during operation.

Conclusion on Philips Essential Airfryer customer reviews

Customer reviews of Philips Essential Airfryer are very positive and most consumers were very satisfied with their purchase. The vast majority of customers found the device easy to use and clean, while the value for money is considered excellent. In addition, most customers are very satisfied with the quality and results.

Most consumers agree that the Philips Airfryer is an excellent cooking method and offers a variety of culinary possibilities. The product received high marks for taste, texture and color of cooked food. Food is always cooked evenly and is not burned, which is an important point for consumers. In addition, the product doesn’t give off much of an odor and uses minimal oil, which is another reason it’s so popular among consumers.

The intuitive design and convenient features make the Airfryer very versatile and easy to use. The various setting options allow consumers to cook their food to the appropriate temperature and set the right cooking time for their needs. The removable baskets are also very convenient for adding or removing food during the cooking process.

Finally, customer reviews of Philips Essential Airfryer highlight its durability and ease of maintenance. The unit is easy to clean thanks to its removable basket that can be washed in the dishwasher. The solid construction of the product ensures its long life despite frequent use, making it an excellent long-term investment.

In conclusion, customer reviews of Philips Essential Airfryer are very positive and highlight the efficiency and versatility of the product. Consumers are pleased with the value for money offered by the device as well as its ease of use and maintenance. With its intuitive design and convenient options, it offers consumers a variety of culinary possibilities to create delicious meals without extra effort or cleanup.

The Philips Essential Airfryer has proven to be a popular product with consumers. Customer reviews are unanimous: this appliance is convenient, reliable, economical, and makes for great tasting, healthy meals. The Philips Essential Airfryer is therefore to be recommended for its ability to satisfy its users and its unparalleled cooking quality.


What is the capacity of the Philips Essential Airfryer?

The Philips Essential Airfryer has a capacity of 4 liters, and can hold up to 2500 g of food.

What are the customer reviews for the Philips Essential Airfryer?

Customer reviews of the Philips Essential Airfryer are generally very positive. Consumers highlight its practicality, ease of use and satisfactory performance.

Is the Philips Essential Airfryer easy to clean?

Yes, the Philips Essential Airfryer is very easy to clean. Once the cooking cycle is complete, simply remove the basket and wash with a non-abrasive sponge and mild dishwashing liquid.

Does the Philips Essential Airfryer come with any accessories?

Yes, the Philips Essential Airfryer comes with a removable metal basket, a removable metal rack and a spatula for handling food during cooking.

Is the Philips Essential Airfryer compatible with connected devices?

No, the Philips Essential Airfryer is not compatible with connected devices.

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